Contemporary Wildlife Bronze Sculptures For Sale Victoria BC | CastArt Studio | Brent Cooke


(posted on 19 Aug 2022)

Brent was featured in Southwest Art Magazine's article, Portfolio | Tactile Beauty.

  • Where do you live and work? I live and work in Victoria, BC, Canada.
  • What are your favorite subjects to depict? My favorite subjects are birds of prey—eagles, hawks, and owls. I find they have real character and are interesting in their behavior.
  • How would you describe your style? I like to blend abstraction with realism. I find I can create movement in my work with abstract shapes yet hold the viewer’s attention with detailed, life-size subjects.
  • What is your creative process like? I spend a lot of time outdoors as a photographer, so I get to see many animal interactions. It is these moments that I try to capture in bronze.
  • Where did you study art? I am self-taught. I always remember a saying I heard as a kid: ”If you love something, you will teach yourself. If you don’t love it, others will have to teach you.”
  • What have been some of the highlights of your art career? In 2015, the Canadian Wildlife Federation gave me the Robert Bateman Award as Conservation Artist of the Year. I have won many first-place awards and a Medal of Excellence for my work. And I won first place in a sculpture competition in China in a field of over 2,000 entries.
  • When you’re not creating art, what else do you enjoy doing? When I am not working in the studio, I love to go out with my camera and look for reference material. Photography is a lifelong passion of mine that started when I was just out of school.
  • If you weren’t an artist, what would you be? I also work as the director of a motorcycle museum in Vancouver. I have worked in the museum field since 1973.
  • Where can collectors find your work? Reinert Fine Art, Charleston, SC; Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK; Valley Bronze Gallery, Joseph, OR; Peninsula Gallery, Sidney, BC, Canada;