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(posted on 29 Jul 2014)

Well, I finally have my blog working after many years of it being in hibernation! I will now regularly post items that you may find interesting. Please feel free to drop me a note and I will answer any of your questions.

I though I would show you my last finished piece to start. It was a piece that I did for an Artists for Conservation marine explorers program focused on marine life of Grand Cayman Island. My subject was 2 French angelfish circling each other in mid water. The fish are bronze while the support structure is stainless steel. The stainless has been cast just like the bronze, it is not just a bent rod but a sculpted and cast works. The photos were taken at the foundry and I will have it professionally shot as soon as I get the piece shipped to me. The title is “Underwater Waltz” and it is a limited edition of 30.